Beyoncé lança “Black Parade”, música de protesto

beyonce grammys 2020

Beyoncé lançou uma faixa de surpresa na madrugada deste sábado (20/6). Chama-se “Black Parade” em protesto contra à brutalidade policial nos Estados Unidos contra afro-americanos.  e tem letra dela com o marido Jay Z.

Confira a letra completa:


[Verse 1]
I’m goin’ back to the South, I’m goin’ back, back, back, back
Where my roots ain’t watered down, growin’, growin’, like a baobab tree
I’ll fly above of the ground, ancestors put me on game
Uptown, all gold chains, with my horse shootin’ in a [?], up

Drip all on me, woo
Hol’ up, don’t ask, feel like such a [?] innocent
Yeah, pure ice, ice, ice, ice, buss down
Uh, flooded (Flooded), flooded (Flooded), on my wrist, out
Ooh, goin’ up, goin’ up, motherland, motherland drip on me
Ooh, melanin, melanin, my drip is skin deep, like
Ooh, motherland, motherland, motherland, motherland drip on me
Ooh, yeah, I can’t forget my history is her-story, yeah
We black, baby, that’s the reason why they always mad, yeah
They always made, yeah
Been past ‘em, I know that’s the reason why they always mad
And they always have been

Honey, if I’m around my way, around my way
Whenever momma says so, momma say
Here I come on my throne, sitting, ah
Follow my parade, oh, my parade
Talkin’ slick to my folk (My folk), lift that lip like lipo (Lipo)
Hear them swarmin’, right? Bees is known to bite
Now here we come on our thrones, sitting, ah
Follow my parade, oh, my parade

[Verse 2]
Yeah, yeah, I’m for us, all black
All chrome, black on, black tints, matte black
Obama, windows down, let ‘em see who in it

Written by Gustavo Neves

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